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I used a trial version of DreamWeaver CS5 a few months ago to redo my portfolio.  I already had a very elderly version of DreamWeaver.  When I started designing with Spry objects (I would like to note here that if you sue DreamWeaver's default CSS layouts your spry menus will mess up in IE) the old version of DreamWeaver stopped being able to open files.  It would freeze and shut down if I tried to open any of them.  When the trial expired I was left with files I couldn't open unless I was willing to edit the code by hand.  This wouldn't be too bad except one of the sites has 300 or so files and updating the templates was now impossible.  In the last few weeks I've been killing the spry menus because they were ugly compared to newer ideas I had. 

It just occurred to me to check, and my portfolio is now open able in DreamWeaver again.  The WYSIWYG interface is completely destroyed, but that isn't what I was interested in anyway.  I've gotten used to code view.  Yeay, automatic link checking and template abilities.  Now I just have to hand code some changes into some templates for my huge site and I might be able to get it back to easy to edit, though I'll have to replace the Spry menu bars with some other JavaScript. 


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