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I fiddled with my portfolio contact page today.  I have some how avoided using forms in the last 10 years of web design.  I avoided forms for two reasons, number one had to do with a lack what to do with them (i.e. no databases running), and number 2 was validation.  I didn't want useless info, though I hadn't figured out what I wanted anyway.  When I worked at a small website the programmer did all the forms and database work, I jut had to leave space for them.  So far it turns out they aren't that hard. 

I mushed together 4 different script chunks with else statements, and spent a hour figuring out where the brackets went, but it does work now.  It is not pretty, but I'm not getting any errors and it is validating that there is text in each input, and that the phone number is all numbers and the e-mail address is at least the right format.  All in all I'm quite proud of myself for my first attempt. 

Tomorrow I'll see about limiting the length of the one textarea I used.  I also have to fiddle with my mother's business website and give it a contact form as well.  E-mail me links just don't look professional. 

I also finally decided that the wordpress I have been fiddling with is going to be my photography portfolio.  I'm a little too limited in using my design portfolio for photography.  WordPress would also be easier to update.  I'll probably be redesigning my mother's site as well with WordPress so she can change text as soon as it occurs to her, and post a blog as well. 

Now if only someone would come out of the woodwork and offer me a job doing this I'd be happy.  I really don't want to apply to that pet store chain again, but so far they are the only retail store that calls me back. 
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