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I've recently been working through some newer movies due to free redbox codes.  I've been rather appalled by how horrible some of them have been, especially if you look up their overall viewer ratings.  Personally I expect a movie that was rated say B or better to be watchable.  To not include ridiculous amounts of gratuitous nudity (Piranha 3D, should have been a SyFy original, did it really need nude swimming set to classical music), or to be twice as long as it needs to be (Paranormal Activity 2, did they really own a dog? my dogs are within a foot of me just about all the time, I can't get them to go away, where was their dog for half the movie).

The A-Team was painful, I really didn't care by the end who won, and I just wanted it over.

Buried was ridiculous (after learning you are likely buried only a few feet, why would you not move once the coffin starts filling with sand, was there some reason he went suicidal at the end?).  And really why must everyone who finds themselves in a negative place suddenly have it revealed they are having an affair.  Really, everyone.  It made the movie phone booth in a coffin.  And the snake.  If a snake got into that coffin, again he is likely in a very shallow area. They gave him a knife and he wasn't using it to break the bottom boards and tunnel out. He just makes useless phone calls over and over.  They could have even marketed it as PG-13 if they had cut out all his ridiculous swearing.

Despicable Me is irritating, but watchable.  It's hard to believe Gru's ups and downs as a character. He's mean, but sometimes nice, it wasn't evened out enough for me.

Cats and Dogs the Revenge of Kitty Galore was also watchable.  Parts were funny, but the slow motion effects they had set up for 3-D look awful on TV.  It also isn't as good as the first one as it relied much more on cliches.

Toy Story 3.  Really this is up for best picture.  Why?  I watched it, and it wasn't awful, but the ending was irritating, and I just didn't care by that point, it had dragged on forever. 

Thankfully I managed to catch some better movies later.  Devil was no where near as bad as you might think.  It isn't too scary (apparently I can't watch R horror movies anymore as I have no desire to see the gruesome death, I have a good enough imagination), yeah PG-13 that is still PG-13, but certainly creepy.  Shyamalan's writing wasn't bad, and the twist wasn't moronic like his last few films.  I actually watched it twice.

RED was great. I don't have much else to say on it.  It's nice to see Bruce Willis doing what he's good at doing.
This is sad, but Mega Mind was freaking awesome.  I didn't wince or want to leave the room once.  It was funny, age appropriate, and I watched it twice in one day.  (My cousin kept repeating lines so I wasn't sure I got everything the first time.) I actually stuck it on my list of movies to add to my collection, and that's the first kid's movie in a while that hasn't been painfully cliched and full of life lessons.

Last random note.  Just because your movie is in 3-D (grrr) pay the freaking effects people enough to make it not look like shit once it hits DVD.  Avatar was good in 3-D but completely watchable on normal TV, which is why it was at least a good movie rather then a gimmick.  I hate movies in 3-D and hate that every kids movie now has to come out in 3-D.  They really want that extra 5 bucks per ticket.
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