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The word who seems to mean shape shifting into a human.  I've never been a fan of being human.  Sure, it beats being most of the critters lower in the food chain, but I still don't get why we think we're so great. 

I think I'd go for something with wings.  Probably a mid to large sized accipitrid (hawks and eagles), maybe a Harpy Eagle or the like.  I would enjoy flying, but I'd rather not be directly on the menu for anything else, too stressful.  It would be best to stay off the menu for humans as well, but as a species we will eat just about anything.  I'd likely spend my day flying, and failing at hunting. 

My secondary option would be a midsized wildcat, such as a bobcat.  They're big enough to be largely left alone, but small enough humans largely ignore them. 
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The Lion King.  It wouldn't be quite so bad if the recent DVD releases didn't have extra garbage songs added to make it fresh and new.  What was wrong with the movie before, and why can't I get the movie to play without extras?  I guess I could say the same thing for Beauty and The Beast.  Does Disney not get that plenty of their revenue is adults buying a movie they saw as children for their own children (or themselves)?  I want a movie to be the same as it was when I was young, not edited because someone thought they can make more money if they keep altering the movie and adding songs without the original performers.  Do they think we can't tell the difference?  This has led to me only really enjoying Disney movies that were released to DVD for the first time.  Mulan and Tarzan are still the way they were released in theaters and watchable.  I expect when they re-release in a few years some new junk will be added trying to get people to purchase again. 


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